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Le Tourbillon Ring

Le Tourbillon Ring

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                                                           LE TOURBILLON

Le Tourbillon ring comes engraved with the Romanian symbol for Whirlwind
It is the symbol of the regenerative energy, the engine of time and the succession of the 4 seasons.

Whirlwinds, with their swirling winds and unpredictable power, have long held a deep symbolic significance across cultures and spiritual traditions. In general, they are interpreted as a sign of transformation, change, and upheaval. Their sudden and unpredictable nature can represent the forces of destiny, the power of the universe, or the depths of our own subconscious minds. In dreams, whirlwinds can symbolize a period of intense personal growth or a sudden shift in one’s life direction.


  • 14k Yellow Gold.
  • also available in 14k White/Red Gold.
  • 12mm central coin.
  • the central coin can be cusomized with a different symbol.

If available in our showroom the RING can be delivered in 1-2 working days.

If the RING is not available in our showroom the production and delivery takes 10-14 working days.

If you would like to personalise your RING the production and delivery takes 10-14 working days.

When ordering please be sure to give us your ring size.

In case you don't know your ring size you can contact us in order to help you find out how you can get your measure.



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