Inspired by the love for fine jewelry weighted with meaning I chose mystery over the obvious and a minimal design over opulence. Finding inspiration in everything from astrology to archetypal symbols, I designed a jewelry collection that is very spiritual and intuitive.

Our BESPOKE COLLECTION helps you tell your unique story and connects you with a time, place, person or feeling.


Create your custom gold necklace by adding the symbols that relate to... 


By observing the movement of the Sun, the Moon, stars and planets... 


Our local craftmen create dainty pendants, statement earrings, lightweight rings or minimal studs earrings made from 14k Gold.

Each symbol has a story of its own.

  • Rings

    Each Ring can be customised by adding the symbol that stands close to your heart.

  • Singlets

    I love the asymmetry when talking about earrings. Most of the earrings are Singlet giving you the liberty to mix&match the earrings as you like.

  • Tokens

    When ordering your token know that you can customise yours by choosing the symbols that relate to you.

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Multimedia collage

  • The 8Pointed Star

    The ancient Babylonians believed that an 8 pointed star represented the goddess Ishtar, associated with the planet Venus. In Judeo-Christian culture, it is an agent for new beginnings.

    Egyptians believed that it represented 8 deities, 4 male gods and 4 female gods, known as the Ogdoad. However, a universal meaning of such stars is that they stand for life, from our birth to death and the wisdom we all possess, no matter how rich or poor we are.

  • The Sun

    Most cultures have at some time worshipped the Sun as the supreme cosmic power - the life-force that enables all things to thrive and grow. As the source of heat, the Sun symbolises vitality, passion and youth. As the Source of light. it represents enlightment. It is also an emblem of royalty and empire. Its rising and setting symbolises birth, death and ressurection.

  • Crescent Moon&The Sun

    The Sun represents vitality, energy and passion, while the Moon symbolises intuition, emotion and cycles of change. Together, they create a powerful symbol of balance and unity.

  • The Moon

    The mysterious Moon has always captured the human imagination. Its luminous presence in the night sky made it a symbol of Hope and enlightenment. Like the Sun, it is often associated with birth, death and resurrection, but it also controls the water and is a fertility symbol.

    Its feminine qualities bind it to the Mother Goddess.

  • The Star

    Representing divine guidance, guardianship and hope, stars are hugely important symbols. American Indians believed that they represented the campfire of their ancestors, and other cultures thought they were gateways to Heaven or angelic messengers of the God.

  • The Swallow

    Harbinger of Hope and Springtime, the swooping swallow signifies good fortune. Its annual migration and habit returning to the same nesting site associate it with both departure and return, representing death and resureccion.